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Grayslake Central Boys Soccer is a football team and club based in Grays Lake, Illinois, USA. Schedule for the modified Illinois High School Association (IHSAA) 2016-17 season, based in Graylake - Gurnee, Illinois, USA. Grayed Lake Central is a football and football club in the Illinois State League (ISL) based in Graylake and a member of the United Soccer League.

Grayslake High School's football and football teams for the 2016-17 season will also be added, along with a new athletics program.

re on your way to Lake Michigan, staying up to Lake Michigan or just looking for a side trip from Chicago, Grayslake is a good option. Quality tires, wheels and auto repair are provided by St. Louis Youth and Waukegan Tire in Wausaugan, Gray Lake Park and Park City, IL.

Let the summer mood take over, while the gentle splash of the lake with live music on the lake keeps the rhythm. Among the best known pop and rock bands from Illinois are Smashing Pumpkins, also based in Grayslake, as well as a record label in Chicago and an album in the works. Songwriters from the Chicago area have been successful, including Jim Whelan of Wilmette, who has written songs for the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and others. R.B. Chicago also has a thriving rock scene, ranging from bands filling stadiums to bands on the streets of Chicago to local bands in local bars and restaurants.

Curtis Mayfield (died 1999) also had a # 1 Billboard 200 album on the Superfly soundtrack in 1972. Burl Ives, who comes from Downstate Illinois and attended Eastern Illinois University, contributed to the popularization of folk music with his publications from the 1940s onwards. One of his most famous songs was "Holly Jolly Christmas" from 1964, and he is one of the most influential folk musicians of all time. Among Chicago's most important early blues artists are Howlin 'Wolf (buried in Hillside, IL, near Chicago) and Jimi Hendrix.

Enuff Z'nuff had a few minor hits with the 1989 song "New Thing," and he hails from the same hometown as Michelle of Superfly High and her husband, singer / songwriter / guitarist / pianist / singer-songwriter / producer Chris Brown.

Steve Spaperri is one of Schizzl's guitarists, and he is also an engineer who has worked with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Iron & Wine, the Grateful Dead and many others. Originally from Libertyville, Illinois, he was asked by guitar students to help the school's jazz band because many band teachers don't play guitar. Steve Spapersri and his wife Michelle, singer / songwriter / guitarist / pianist / singer-songwriter / producer, are both from Evanston Illinois. Both were originally born in the same hometown of Libertyton, Illinois, just a few miles south of Chicago.

His teaching style is very goal-oriented, he emphasizes the importance of practice and hard work, has a lot of patience and his teaching styles are very focused and goal-oriented.

If parents want to encourage their children to appreciate music, Mike recommends: "Have time to make music, talk about music and practice. Mike warns parents looking for an instrument for their child to know what they like the first time around before they try it out for themselves.

Find new and emerging - and - upcoming - artists, jam with your favorite cover bands of big names, dance the night away with live DJ sets, see a live performance by one of Grayslake's favorite bands, and even watch a drag boat race. Because Graylake is near Lake Michigan, you can experience the event every Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the lake park.

Most of the artists are Chicago, although some, like singer-songwriter Sam Haines, guitarist / bassist / guitarist and singer / songwriter / drummer Sam Beads, hail from the South Side. Other bands that come from outside the Chicago area include Hush Sound from Dupage County. The Academy is a cover band of Plain White T, also from DuPage County, but Grayslake and the surrounding towns of Oak Park, Lake Forest, Oak Lawn, Glenview and Oak Grove all have a rich local scene.

They have a small but loyal following across the country, but they are also popular in Grayslake and other parts of the state.

The orchestra has won 10 Grammys in the classical category, more than twice as many as any other group. Fall, from Wilmette, Illinois, is one of the most commercially successful bands from the Chicago area in recent years, nominated for a Grammy for Best Classical Album for their debut album "The Symphony." The Chicago indie label includes bands such as the Grayslake Drag Band, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Chicago's own Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Grayslake North is produced by a combination of local musicians, artists, musicians and musicians from the Chicago area and beyond. Donate your time to visit the village school with young children last week and donate to the Grays Lake Elementary School Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

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